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Money markets need transparency. Issuers want to know and target their investors while investors want to access a large pool of issuers. It goes without saying that investors and issuers want to see fully transparent pricing. This is why we created the Emittor platform.

The Emittor platform was launched in 2020. Today the platform is an established part of the money market with a number of major market players using the platform.

The platform is provided by Emittor Oy under an investment service license granted by the Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA).

Key features of the platform

The Emittor platform connects professional investors and issuers directly together and opens a new, transparent money market with the following key features:

1. Direct access to transparent pool of issuers and investors

The Emittor platform lets you see all the potential issuers and investors with their actual names.

You can easily find new contacts and maintain a dialogue with your network without a middleman.

The platform makes it straightforward to build long-term anchor relationships between investors and issuers.

Moreover, the new issue pricing is transparent between the issuer and investor.

2. User-friendly dealing interface with real-time processes and controls

On the platform Investors get to see all the available issues in real time and can invest with only a few clicks. Issuers likewise can reach active investors in minutes.

The platform has been designed to offer clear and solid process flow from market operations to back-office confirmations. The platform covers the whole life cycle of the issue, and with the portfolio solution you can easily rollover a maturing issue.

In addition, while you enjoy competitive deals, the platform automatically helps you with all the routines, and controls the segregation of duties.

Every step of the way, The platform keeps you updated on all that matters so that you don’t need to stay online. You always know what is done by whom and when.

3. Straightforward and free of charge deployment

The Emittor platform is cloud based with tested data security – there is no need for installation.

There are no fixed user fees and registration is free of charge. Only the issuer pays for new issues.

The platform is available for professional clients who have passed Emittor’s Know Your Customer (KYC) process.

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